Melody School

We had a crude building which has been torn down for the new construction. The children are meeting inside the village temporarily. The construction has begun as of June 2013 but the monsoon rains keep them from doing all necessary. Pictures of the construction are here for you to see. The wall was already in place.



Ray of Light School

The school began humbly with only 20 children but has grown to 400.. Property was bought and now there are two buildings on that property that keep the children in school all school year instead of having to close because of the monsoons or the cold in the winter. It does get cold in the north and this winter has been very cold. We dug a well which the village uses, and have bathrooms for the children. There was not a bathroom in the whole village until they had one. The property is right in the middle of rice fields which is very colorful when the rice has been planted and near the main road (one lane). The school now has a beautiful wall around it so they cannot keep moving the boundary in a few inches every year. The wall will keep the cows and animals out so we can have a beautiful landscape that they do not eat! The gate is so attractive. The school has been painted inside and out so it is fresh and bright after the monsoon rains.

In our archives you can see our humble beginning with a thatch roof open shed where water buffalo stay at night and by day it was our school.

We have added several more classes and now have up to 11th standard. We have dreams to one day soon provide the village in that area with electricity and then put some computers in the school so the children can learn and move out of their present situation into a future that will allow them to prosper. The village men are farmers and nothing wrong with that, but this gives them a chance for something different.

A picture of the completed two buildings is here for you to see. Come spring they will landscape the entire school grounds. Last year we added some outside games, etc. and hired some more teachers since our enrollment grew.

We have a sponsorship program in which you can support one child for $20 a month. Choose either a boy or girl and what age you would like, and send your information to We will then send you a packet of information for your child with a picture. It is hard to accurately get birthdates in that they do not keep record of births but the Administrator tries to get it right. You are welcome to write your child and if you want to go to India with us sometime, come and visit with them and their families.



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Ray of Light School is totally finished and paid for. It has been awesome to watch the Lord supply all the needs. The current needs are uniforms, books, and a salary increase for teachers/Principal/Administrator of both schools and funds to finish Melody School. Pray about what you could do to help with these needs.