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Dollie's Corner

"Friends of Lighthouse Ministries, I just want to put some recent pictures of us, etc. We have had a year that we totally did not expect starting with the death of a dear friend who has been in my life since birth, and then another friend going home, Bro. Nolan Sluder, of 40 years, and then another friend in Louisville, and had about 5 deaths this summer.

We have traveled some preaching, and Larry has been getting ready for this trek coming up first part of September. He walks 5-6 miles a day, plus bicycles some 6 plus miles at least every other day, and is working out at gym to be in shape for the trek. It is always moving straight up the Himalayas and very strenuous.

He had a skin cancer removed from his scalp two weeks ago now with about 28 stitches, but is healing nice now. We did not want him leaving US with an open wound so we give thanks it is healing.

There are 8 or more people who are doing the trek. I say 8 or more because there are some already in Nepal who may want to join the group.

Melody is living in Mayfield, KY and working at Mid-Continent University doing on-line recruiting. You may have seen their billboards around KY. She has been speaking some on Sundays sharing her testimony.

I am busy getting ready to go to India, getting the tickets, hotels, etc. needed for trip. We lost, yes lost, our passports (we believe) at the Dulles airport when we got news of dear friend dying. We parked our car at Larry's sisters, and left for TX the next am after arriving the previous night. We had passports with us and showed at one point at the counter for ID. They are not to be found anywhere as I have searched the house in every drawer, etc. and not here. We sent for new passports, received them, and now sent for Indian visas. Will be 3 weeks tomorrow and no passports/visas. I ask that you pray these will come quickly now.

Larry preaches this Sunday, August 11, 2013 in Louisville, KY at Evangel World Prayer Center in two services. Next week will be a week to make lists and checking them twice. Next Saturday, August 17, 2013 Larry will speaking in the Asian service at Evangel at 5 PM. Always look forward to the Indian food and seeing wonderful friends.

We would love to hear from you and what is happening in your life. Email addresses are posted in different sections here for you.

Have a blessed August. It has been said August is the month of miracles. Do you have something that seems impossible that needs an answer to, well, if you do, this is God's month! Every month is really God's month to do something wonderful for you.



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