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Melody has been speaking in churches and group gatherings telling her testimony. If you would like to have her come to your church, youth group or gathering, please write us. She has had a book signing at the book store in her town.



Your monthly support will go towards any ministry we have in India including the two village schools, supporting pastors, buying motorcycles, buying land and building churches.

Please make your check payable to Lighthouse Ministries and is tax deductable. Checks sent to U.S. address is deposited in Lighthouse account whether we are in U.S. or not.

Needs of India:  Watches for men or women that run but need a battery, a laptop computer for a leader in India, $5 will buy a school uniform and backpack for a child, $20 will sponsor a child monthly, offerings will help us buy toiletries and medicines they need, a Bible in Hindi, etc.

Checks can be sent to Assemblies of God Headquarters, Springfield for full church credit and/or tax credit.

Send for Lighthouse Ministries, Account #2184315.


It has been several years since we have had uniforms for the children but we are now having uniforms made. These uniforms cost $5.00 each. We will need 350-450. If you can contribute to help buy a child a uniform , please download the form here. and send to Lighthouse Ministries P.O. BOX 754 BARDSTOWN, KY 40004; Email: . Althernatively, you can donate online by clicking here.

5 uniforms $25, 10 uniforms $50, 20 uniforms $100, 50 uniforms $250, or ____ uniforms for $5 each $_____.


Our first school is now fully finished and we move on to other projects we have dreamed of being completed in India. Will finish the second school, and want to build a school for pastor's children to come there free and stay during school year. Pastors are not paid much, and we are trusting God to bless these children. Also, we have dreams of building an orphanage. Pray with us about these things as nothing is accomplished except thru prayer.


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