More lessons on the way!

We all know that there is nothing more effective on this earth than the power of prayer and the ever producing hand of faith.  Prayer and faith fit together so perfectly but my question I present to you is why don’t we use them together?  You may say, I do, but do we really.  We pray, and this is a praying church, but evidently we don’t use our faith or we would see more answers to our prayers……………….I am speaking to me as well to anyone who is listening.  I need answers and I am not seeing the answers I need or answers to the needs of others.  Yes, I do in a measure, but for me that is NOT enough.


Going to India and seeing the needs of the people, my heart cries out for the faith that will move their mountains.  I do not have it every time, or honestly most of the time.   I don’t want that sometime faith, but that every time faith.  How about you? 


I am challenging you right form the beginning of these lessons and perhaps making you really think.  I ask you, when was the last time you had a prayer answered?  If recently, when was the one before that?  It seems that we do have faith in some areas and not in others.


The Lord over and over talks about faith, “if you say to this mountain and have faith as a grain of mustard seed it shall ………”   I want to learn how to make my prayer effective and useful and productive for the Lord and for my family, friends, and missionaries.


I am writing this from my heart to yours and it may be sort of a journal of thoughts that you are reading.  Whatever it is, we are going to find ourselves in a whirlwind to discover the truth of faith and how we can use faith.  The Bible says we have a measure of faith, but putting it into practice is the key!  Often we pray without expectancy in our spirits but we pray because we know we need to pray, or even without any hope it will make a difference.


We are praying for a move of God that will bring the supernatural with manifest miracles and we know these do come forth as a result of prayer and faith.  But it has not happened yet so we MUST press in and exercise our faith.


There are situations in our personal lives right now that will only be changed thru faith believing prayer. God has not changed, His Word has not changed, so it is all there for us to dig out and apply to our lives.


We must have persistent prayer which is the kind of prayer that does not stop until we get answers!  Often we stop at what could have been, a little too short of the mark, and discouragement comes.  God is looking for those who will dig in, dig deep, and hang on thru prayer and faith.  Faith sees beyond our circumstances and into the “what it will be like” after prayer.  We see ourselves healed, delivered, set free, totally out of debt, etc.


People are suffocating with fear, hopelessness, depravity, promiscuity, and godlessness.  They are looking for someone to rescue them.  You could be that person coming to their rescue through prayer.  You may think that your prayers do not matter when you hear someone ask for prayer, but you may be the only one that really takes hold and prays for an answer.  Not just a quick fix, but an answer.


ANSWERS take longer, fixes are quick!!   Are you a fixer upper?


We need to change situations in the natural realm and that kind of faith is violent faith, spiritual warfare.  Taking it by force thru the spirit realm what rightfully belongs to you.  What has satan stolen from you lately?  Are you accepting it, or taking it back by force? 


As I am typing and using spell check and when I type satan it underlines it with red because it is suppose to be with a capital s.  I refuse to  spell it that way.  So be it!  I won’t give him the credit for even putting that capital s in his name.  He does not deserve it.


Remember Moses, he used this kind of faith when God was going to destroy all the children of Israel. “Then the Lord said, “I have seen what a stubborn, rebellious lot these people are.  Now let me alone and my anger shall blaze out against them….all.”  Ex.  32:9-10


We probably would have agreed with God and gave Him the go ahead.

Moses was fed up with them too, but there arose something within him that could not let this happen.  He became bold and fearless with God.  WOW. 


“Stop your anger.  Think twice about bringing evil against your people!  Think of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, your servants to whom you gave your word, telling them ”I will give you many children, as many as the stars in the sky, and I’ll give this land to your children a s their land forever.”  Exodus 32:12-13


He told God TO STOP.  How bold is that.  I would say that to satan, but God.  But read on, “So the Lord changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people.  Exodus 32:14


Moses Had influence and faith with God.  He had the audacity of commanding God to “stop your anger.”  He used that authority again when he spoke to the king of Egypt and said “”I am that I am’ has sent me to you, so therefore, let My people go.”  That kind of faith is called violent faith.


Violent has the definition in the Webster’s dictionary of “marked by extreme force or sudden intense activity.”  Violence is defined as, “exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse.”  We now understand this better than ever in seeing things take place in front of our eyes.


Violent and violence are used in the natural realm, but also can be used in the spirit realm.  In a spiritual connotation, these words mean: ”to bring forth a spiritual force that will be used to cause injury, damage, or total destruction to the forces of darkness by reason of violating our rights, properties, and privacy as a child of the almighty God.”


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1


For without faith it is impossible to please God.  Hebrews 11:6


The just shall live by faith.  Galations 3:11


You may not know what to do with the two words “violent and faith” in your life, but listen up.  When the doctor tells you or a loved one they are dying, or you have to file bankruptcy, or there is a car accident we must press on into that violent faith in the middle of adversity and when depression is setting in in the midst of the worst storm(s) of your life.


Things are about to change if you will have the courage to change your fear into faith, not any faith, but violent faith.  That kind that won’t let go until you get an answer.


God wants to take us there to that place of faith that is beyond wishful thinking when we pray, and past the boundaries of religious tradition and move us into a place where we really understand what faith is to be.   AND then use it.


God want us move forward to a level of faith that we cannot be moved by anything.  That place will usher in a boldness and an authority that will defeat the powers of darkness when we use our prayers and violent faith together in a new and exciting way. What you do with prayer and faith will determine the outcome of your situation.


Oswald Chambers said “Deliverance from sin is not the same as deliverance from human nature.  There are things in human nature, such as prejudices, that the saint can only destroy through sheer neglect.  But there are other things that have to be destroyed through violence, that is, through God’s divine strength imparted by His spirit.”


His strength will destroy anything in your life, no matter what they may be or how long they have been there, or how deep they may seem to be.


Many times we look for individuals, pastors, etc. to pray for us and have the answers to life’s difficult situations.  We want a quick fix, or temporary relief.  That is NOT what God wants to give you, He wants to give you permanent relief!  What a difference we can have if we will just use violent faith.


Take Naaman who had leprosy as an example.  He went for a healing, but he did not want to humble himself, and be obedient.  He got all three.  He was humbled, had to be obedient, and then got his healing.  He wanted the miracle, but not the God of the miracle!  God wasn’t going to let a man get credit for His work, so Elisha was the man to teach Naaman that lesson.


There is nothing wrong with seeking out people, but they cannot give you the healing, or the answer to your problem like God can.  There is definitely something wrong when we cannot go to God ourselves but have to have someone else pray for us every time.  What are you going to do in an emergency? 


Take hold of this truth and God will infuse your mind to think the way that He thinks so He can bring forth His purpose in your situation.  What God demands of you, He supplies to you.  I love that as it takes the pressure off of me and on Him. 


“I will supply all your need” (Phil.4:19).  What need?  ANY need, and that means anything you have need of.  Finances, health, answers or direction.


The devil is defeated and it is time to tell him so like I did today forcefully.  Hold on, let loose, get ready for a mighty miracle brought through you and in you. 


As you can see, I may have to write my own book along with this one.


Take hold, and reach farther than you ever have with your violent faith.